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401(k) Disaster – Part 1


Post about 401(k) dangers.

Why Are You Investing For Your Retirement?


Typical answers to this question are wide and varied, they include; retirement security, returns, growth, freedom, and fun. Although each of these answers make sense the one that matters most is income! The biggest thing that people need to understand it makes no difference how much money you have in retirement it is how much money you have after your taxes have been paid. Everyone needs income that they can count on. Unique consistent cash flow that shows up in

Are You Prepared For Retirement?

Senior couple is looking at the bills concerned

It is a fact that many people are not! People spend more time planning their summer vacation than they do planning for retirement. In an article in the USA Today paper the other day and found some interesting facts. Almost a third of the workers have less than $1000 in savings and investments that could be used for retirement, not counting the primary residence or defined benefit plans. 57% say they have less than $25,000. Those workers who say they

When Should I Start Planning My Retirement


There is no better time than now. If you’re just starting in the workforce or have been working for years you need to start planning for your retirement and make as much of your retirement as you can tax-free. Proper planning today can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes during your retirement. Most financial planners and advice columns constantly push it on you that you should be saving as much as you can for retirement because you have

Cutting Out The Tax Man


The life insurance industry has the best IRS-approved retirement savings plan today—and most investors know nothing about it. This retirement savings vehicle is not a company-sponsored, pre-tax qualified, 401(k)-type plan. It’s also not a Roth. It’s not an annuity or whole life. Despite sales of well over $1 Billion in 2011 for the top 39 carriers surveyed, it is the financial industry’s No. 1 secret—Indexed Universal Life (IUL). To explain why IUL is a powerful supplemental saving vehicle to an

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